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Degradable & Biodegradable bags 31/03/2017 9:19:15 SA

Degradable/Biodegradable bags - an efficient way for waste reduction easier, safer and better for the environment.

Why Degradable or Biodegradable bags/film?

Conventional plastics do not break down. Litter and landfill waste take years, even decades, to degrade. Litter is visual pollution, an eyesore that regulations and educational programs have failed to eliminate. In landfills, not only do ordinary plastics degrade very slowly but also anything contained within them may not reach their full degradation potential. This results in a needless waste of valuable landfill space.

Therefore, Degradable/Biodegradable bags are developed to make your daily tasks of waste reduction easier, safer and better for the environment.


Special options available in Biodegradable/Degradable bags:

  • Flat Biodegradable/Degradable bags: Standard Biodegradable/Degradable bags often called by flat bags. It is used for general purpose.

  • Gusseted Biodegradable/Degradable bags: Plastic bags with fitted bottom and expandable sides (gusset) form to the shape of your product.

  • Perforated Biodegradable/Degradable bags: Perforated bags have a perforation for a easy tear off from either a bunch of bags or roll.

  • Plain Mini grip/Self seal/Reclosable bags: Plain Self-seal biodegradable/degradable bags with interlocking closure that can be used over and over again. Ideal where you want to secure contents and avoid leakage or contamination, no need of heat sealing.

  • Plain Self seal biodegradable/degradable bags with write on panel: Plain self-seal biodegradable/degradable bags with write on panels is used for content identification, coding etc. Easy to label contents using a marker, ballpoint pen or pencil.

  • Biodegradable/Degradable Specimen bags: Biodegradable/Degradable Specimen bags comes with outer pouch for record cards. Ideal for use in hospitals, medical labs to safely transfer specimens and paperwork.

  • End weld (bottom) Biodegradable/Degradable bags: End weld bags are generally welded in the bottom. Bottom weld offers added strength for packing heavier items.

  • Side weld Biodegradable/Degradable bags: When bags welded on the sides of the bags is referred to Side weld bags. Side weld bags are ideal for packaging lighter materials such as greeting cards/envelopes.


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