1. Quality First
The journey to World-Class Performance begins with Quality First. Here, we focus on customer satisfaction through product and process quality. Our quality standards: zero non-conformance.
2. Serving our Customers
Understanding our customers' business needs and purchasing requirements enables us to build long-term, successful business partnerships for profitable growth with our customers. 
3. Team Force
We value individuals and recognize the power of individual teams. We believe that every individual can be trained, encouraged and empowered to contribute to the process of continuous improvement. 
4. Managing Innovation
Project management, benchmarking and best practice transfer are rigorously applied in all areas of our business. Individual contribution to product, process and systems innovation is encouraged and rewarded.
5. Manufacturing Processes
Manufacturing processes provide the tools to eliminate variability in the production process. Process standards are our measure of performance and we strive to continuously raise our own manufacturing standards. 
6. Supply Chain Management
We appreciate the important role that our suppliers must play in order to meet our quality standards. We work closely with all suppliers to maximize their contributions. 
7. Environment, Health and Safety
 We are committed to protecting the environment, conserving our natural resources, and       ensuring the health and safety of all our employees. Our commitment to EHS values is reflected in our sound and responsible business practices and in compliance with all applicable regulations.